We help pharmaceutical manufacturers win in a rapidly evolving market characterized by unpredictable product pipelines and uncertain regulatory actions. We bring unmatched expertise in innovation, customer experience, cost management, organizational design, M&A and other disciplines essential to achieving and maintaining industry leadership.

What We Do

  • Avoid pitfalls that can undercut an acquisition by tailoring the integration thesis to the deal thesis, integrating where it matters, acting quickly to create value for shareholders and setting a high-growth trajectory
  • Adopt and change your business models to significantly increase return on sales and deploy zero-based budgeting to ensure that every dollar works toward your strategic priorities
  • Use an “episodes” approach and agile ways of working to better meet customer needs and enhance team productivity
  • Craft a strategic vision and near-term roadmap to thrive in a digital market
  • Develop and successfully launch products that combat rare diseases
  • Help realize the full potential of your R&D and innovation capabilities by building portfolios that balance solid investments with riskier product development and leverage innovation from both internal and external sources
  • Identify and develop hidden assets in areas where you share customers, share costs or have overlapping capabilities by expanding beyond the core
  • Gain a competitive advantage by optimizing your data and analytical assets to make informed decisions