About Savankumar Goswami


The founder and CEO of the Dodder & Co., Mr. Savankumar Goswami, at a very young age started this company to help industries achieve the amazing and practically doable solutions to their unplanned problems. The idea to start the Dodder Engineering Consulting came up when he struggled to get guidance for his early Six- Sigma projects from various places when he could not find everything at a single place. While working on such an individual projects, he was determined to build a place where everything will be available at one place for anyone who is striving to get it done smoothly, efficiently, and smartly from concept till the execution.

He has completed his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s in the same field which has given him wide exposure to the mechanical field. Having experienced in Six Sigma technologies and tools as well as manufacturing techniques, he has successfully received ASQ SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT certification at a very young age. He is currently residing at United States (Tampa, Florida) and working on his ongoing projects in India as well as will be soon pursuing ASQ SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT certification.