Medical Technology

For medical technology companies, rapidly shifting market dynamics are changing the formula for sustainable, profitable growth. Bain works alongside medical technology clients to develop and implement game-changing innovations, address evolving customer needs and reduce unnecessary costs and complexity

What We Do

  • Significantly improve your odds of successful M&A with an approach that links acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration
  • Refresh how you segment customers and update the segmentation over time dynamically
  • Develop a strategic vision and near-term roadmap to be best positioned in a digital market
  • Maximize efficiency & align G&A costs with your capabilities to support strategy
  • Reduce complexity throughout the organization to increase productivity and speed of decision making
  • Build flexible commercial models that meet the needs of a diverse and evolving marketplace while simultaneously reducing the cost of sales and strengthening the role of the physician as innovator, advocate and customer
  • Focus on internally and externally sourced innovation through a more productive and efficient R&D model
  • Invest to win, both therapeutically as well as geographically, in remaining new opportunities
  • Use data and analytical assets in new ways to develop proprietary insights and create competitive advantage
  • Win in emerging markets by carefully assessing where to play, creating the right product portfolios and distribution models, and, in many cases, finding the right deal partners
  • Redesign your supply chain in response to changing market dynamics