Metal & Mining

Dodder Engineering Consulting has a dedicated team of industry experts who will provide you exclusive Mining Consulting and Metals Consulting, We will cover a wide range of issues in your existing systems, the scope of improvements, acquisitions, and partnerships. Our service will be to analyze and improvise the complete production cycle, from mining to getting metal from its ores, its casting, making products out of it, and distribution cycle. 

How we can help 

Planning growth strategy for the industry - With the current systems of the Industry such as Current technologies, Ongoing technological inventions, consumption trends, and output strategies we try to help our clients with building solid strategic planning, expansion goals, and scheduling, finding future expansion scope in the respective industry, brand building strategies, etc. 

Acquisitions and Portfolio - Expanding business has always been challenging for the industries, many fear to invest more because of their past experiences and lack of experience. Companies, in order to grow, will need definite strategies to grow their business with metered investments. Dodder Engineering Consulting will help you to scale your business into different regions of the country, this will increase your strategic position around the country and will give you a competitive advantage over others. 

Automation and Innovation - This is the most vital step for evolving but many industries remain unexposed to digitalization because of their narrowed thinking. Better technological advancements can reduce errors and increase preciseness in work, thereby you know when the product is going to complete. When you know the exact timings for completion of each and every stage precisely then you can think of expansion. 

Boosting Performance - Check of existent productivity of laborers, equipment output and performance, methodologies used in the industry. Extensive research on how the systems are performing and which things can be simplified at each stage of operation. We provide handholding support to our clients in improving their existing systems. 

Organization branding and Final work on the delivery process - We will help you put your foot amongst top Mining Industries and help you to plan strategies and methods to make your brand count in the list of Metal industries with our metals consulting service. Taking risks is the must factor if you are in business our experts will help you to take calculated risks. At the end, we will measure the improvements in results.