Consumer products

Although the manufacturing, supply, and export facilities have evolved a long way ahead compared to before. Still, because of increasing competition and increasing customer demand for products and their deliveries, consumer product companies have to face so many challenges. To tackle such practical world problems companies need the help of experts who have a long year experience of in solving such problems and this is where consumer products consulting by expert Business Consultants comes into the picture. 

Dodder Engineering Consulting is one of such leading CPG consulting companies and we can help brands improve their systems so that you can extract maximum gains for whatever optimal efforts they put. 

How we can help 

  • The first and foremost important thing for the company is their products, How good the products are, compared to the competition. A product is the central part of the whole system, if the product is lacking then no matter whatever you do ahead everything will remain hollow. 
  • The next important thing is to accelerate growth. Every industry should have a well-defined growth strategy and then start putting all vectors in that direction. Our evaluation includes strategic market positioning, Edge Strategy, fixing strategic options, understanding the audience psychologically and performing market analysis. 
  • Brand Awareness to the masses is the next important need in today’s world. No matter how good your brand is, but if it not properly reaching the masses then how will the people know? With long years of brand building experience and consumer products consulting we have gathered various channel strategies, marketplace strategies, e-commerce strategies that can help clients to grow their brand properly and systematically establish their foot in the market. 
  • The right Strategy towards the goals is very important. Properly dividing roles to different individuals according to their abilities and planning the execution can set the company on the right path. We prioritize things according to their importance and help clients decide where and where not to invest their resources.
  • Right from how to deal with manufacturers to suppliers to placing policies so that they will not make their manufacturing, supply and deliveries late. By taking regular feedbacks we get to know the status at every stage of the process and minimizing the wasted time and resources we try to provide in-time services.
  • We provide handholding support to each of our clients and try to analyze and restructure the systems at every stage so that they will yield compound results later. 
  • The main game is of value, we focus on providing value to our clients and we have helped our clients to reach up to millions and billions of dollars of revenue with our CPG consulting by facilitating joint ventures, acquisitions and merging, partnerships, etc.