"Disrate cost with strategy and focus on Customer growth"

Cost Transformation

Real Cost transformation can be achieved only when you simplify the existing processes and revise them on an optimal budget. Dodder’s Cost Transformation Consulting service will enable you to cultivate your existing programs. To transform things in a cost-effective manner takes time. In order to make the cost of your system effective, we will have to go step by step through each stage and will have to evaluate each one individually. Evaluating each system and making improvements in each system individually will improve your existing system solely. At last, we will analyze the complete process and try to simplify and make it more cost-effective. 

How we will achieve the complete cost transformation

Zero Budget system - In order to achieve this, one has to make sure that one does not spend his single penny without any purpose or definite strategy ahead. It seems simple but actually, it is really tough to achieve. Once it is achieved it can drastically reduce the costs upto 25 to 40 %. 

Redesigning systems on reduced budgets - The key point in achieving this will be to utilize the digital mediums for most of the purposes of the organization. This decreases the expense at very high levels. Redesigning things to simplify the structure can greatly help. 

Simplify Management - No matter how hard the employees may work unless and until managers are not sharp enough to put things in the right order, the output will still not be that satisfactory. Better management is seen to reduce cost expense from 10 up to almost 30 %. This increases revenue on cost almost upto 40%. Our Cost Transformation Model will help you identify the flaws in your existing systems and let you know how to improve them. 

Making cash flow based on net working capital - Although many companies are not able to achieve the stage where they are investing their networking capital into the business. We have designed our Cost Transformation Model in such a way that you will very soon start getting cash out of your business.  

Increasing the supporting Pillars - Try partnering with growing and innovative partners which increases your chance to win always. This improves the speed towards completion of goals because the cost is divided into partners so it decreases the cost over the project giving chance to expand more with less money. 

Cost Management Practices based on effective technology - Nowadays the digital transformation is booming and it is also the future of the world. Now the problem arises when companies that were previously working on the classical offline models don’t know anything about digitalization. In this scenario with our Cost Transformation Consulting services we will not only help you to digitalize your systems but we will also provide our handholding support towards effective practices that will increase the cost-effectiveness of your systems.