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Cost efficiency through operational excellence in the software industry

Organizational Excellence: Definition 

Organizational Excellence is the process that involves the efforts via various kinds of processes in the business to reach its maximum efficiency. 

The aim is to motivate and inspire the employees of the company to give their best services to the customers. 

Organizational Excellence can be achieved by adopting certain changes or modifications for the welfare of customers.

The term Organization in Organizational Excellence refers to the group of certain people that are under the roof of some common leaders and are able to work together as a unit.

On the other side, the term Excellence in Organizational Excellence refers to the ability of the group to perform and fulfil all the requirements and stand by all the expectations without any flaws. 

The framework of Organizational Excellence 

One of the best examples of the traits of Organizational Excellence came from the Baldrige Excellence program. The Baldrige Framework includes certain factors that are as follows:

Strategic Planning 

Customer support 


Improving knowledge skills

Human Resources 


Business development 

ITOE: Definition 

IT Operational Excellence (ITOE) is the successful and efficient transport of information technology facilities that add calculated value to anyone's business. 

The objectives of the law industry show and tell us about how ITOE can help in achieving the goals.

  • More and more profits

  • Transport legal services successfully and efficiently.

  • Be sure about the exact use of investments and all the operating funds.

  • Maximize the productivity of the staff members because we always consider that the time is money!

  • Improves an employee's  with their day-to-day jobs

  • Control and operate well, IT systems enable the business processes that support the law industries to achieve the desired goals. 

ITOE: Sectors

ITOE offers a three-major sector to give well-controlled and operating IT facilities from a series of the best-integrated sectors:

  • IT Engineers

  • IT Security

  • IT Management Services

Basically, ITOE set up a professional IT department, maximizing its capability to give calculated value to get success in achieving the desired goals for these law industries through business objectives and sectors. 

ITOE is the bridge interlinking IT and the business. 

IT is traveling into the monarchy of systems that help life and their safety measures for example control systems of hospitals and traffic. As well as professionalize and codify the configuration and engineering of IT systems.   

  • IT security is multi-dimensional and it includes: 

  • Confidentiality of data.

  • Availability of necessary data.

  • Privacy in the system.

  • High-quality engineering systems.

ITSM ( IT Service Management) is a process-driving structure that organizes processes, people, and technology in order to transfer the great quality of work.IT system aligns the business together. Basically, ITSM Uses:

  • IT Processors 

  • People: certified staff with particular roles.

  • Recent Technology

  • Service delivery: nature and level of service

Increase Profits of law industries:

The measurements for increasing profit is simple: increase the revenue and minimize the cost of revenue. All the objectives help to increase profit.

ITOE can support in maximizing revenue by executing processes and systems which consume time or allow the staff members to make bills of more amount. It supports decreasing the costs by transferring the services on time.

IT Operational Excellence: Achievements

It is dependent on various factors. Each and every organization is different in their own, still, the maximum clients of law industries have common pain points:

A disconnection between IT services and the business. IT always assumes the law industry's necessities.

Government and Advisory Boards and forms Service Level Management (SLM) processors. Government and Advisory boards and SLM processors work to professionalize the communication between the It and business, forming an organized framework for giving great quality of IT services. No matter what the begins of operating and controlling the IT systems successfully and efficiently, 

Start it as an essential system. In order assurance of success, firstly start and then contract with an outer advocate or a great consultant, and be in a commitment with the ITOE. Along with a long-period commitment, the IT systems will add calculation of profit values to the business plan.

ITOE functioning depends on various kinds of tools like IDS (intrusion detection systems), firewalls, IPS (intrusion prevention systems) to secure and protect the information well. 

How to increase Productivity 

By adopting various technologies will make the work more effective and efficient and thus induce productivity. 

Examples of a few technologies that can be adopted is unified messaging, video conferencing, instant messaging, mobility devices, or presence management. 

Technically, IT knows what kind of services are essential for a successful business and thus it aids to develop the business well. 

How to Achieve Operational Excellence

To get success in ITIL we have to struggle to collect an IT Service Management (ITSM) plan which deals with the quality of IT service and managing the costs, controlling compliance problems, and the full setup of the IT system with the proper coding and programming. 

Plan the business and deliver the  IT services along with the available supporting industry and processes to essentially impact the presence of IT services, use of present resources, and satisfaction of people.

Cost-Efficient Ideas

  1. Start making use of DevOps practices

By using DevOps practices one can easily save money and time. 

Managing and maintaining infrastructure manually is an outdated practice these days. People started using DevOps for this now. With the use of configuration files, automates improvise the IT infrastructure. 

By adopting this technology, the developers now don’t need to operate systems manually. 

Additionally, DevOps offers various methods of delivery, continuous integration, and Deployment. These methods permit developers to concentrate on other features. Now, they don’t have to spend much time focusing on pipeline configuration and they can devote their full attention to other high-value tasks. 

  1. Develop Security 

Without proper management of technical infrastructure, you are prone to various security risks. 

Some of them include:

  • contractual breaches

  • insecure APIs

  • misconfigured servers

  • compliance violations

  • malware

  • external attacks

  • accidental errors

Apart from all this, there are various other types of security risks too. So, the company should always be aware of these risks and should prefer high-security standards, or else the company would lead to a false economy. 

To avoid such risk, companies should integrate high-security standards and DevSecOps throughout. 

  1. Enhance your price via cloud computing 

Many people who have adopted Cloud computing don’t even know the ways to optimize the cost of it. 

So here are some simple tips for cost optimization of cloud computing:

  • grasp spot occasions for stuff and serverless that don’t need high availability.

  • Starting planning for reserved instances.

  • Always consider a different region for hosting.

Various cloud providers offer discounts, try to opt for that always. This will help you to work effectively and efficiently. 

  1. Remote working support 

It is one of the greatest ideas for reducing IT cost. Additionally, it is very convenient to implement this idea as the organizations already adapted themselves for the modified business reality after the COVID-19 virus and they have to rebuild all the processes to bring them to a new normal. 

  1. Automation Investments

As we discussed earlier, cost reduction does not simply mean cost-cutting, it also depends on how investments are done to generate business values. 

According to a survey (Gartner Survey), the RPA (robotic process automation), cloud-based ERP, and workflow automation are the best areas to make an investment, especially after the COVID-19 crisis. 

In any company, Automation can easily deal with very problems and that too very conveniently. It has the ability to execute complex processes that help to reduce risk and cost. 


Many companies already adopted IT cost-cutting strategies. Companies should collaborate with stakeholders to create effective ideas for IT cost cutting at the point of a particular business. 

However, The main focus should be on well-planned strategies and time management. This will not only ensure good business survival but also helps to succeed in your business. 

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